• evolution of accounting

The Evolution of Accounting


Accounting is an important and vital part of every business nowadays but have you ever thought how we’ve managed to get here? Although accounting has been around for a long time it’s changed dramatically over [...]

  • Online Accounting

The Differences Between Traditional and Online Accounting


You may have recently heard of the term “online accounting” but have no idea what it means. Don’t worry though, online accounting is fairly new and hasn’t been around that long so it understandable if [...]

  • cartoon man

The Benefits of an Accountant


If you’re a small business then you might be considering getting an accountant, but what exactly are the benefits of getting one and are they actually worth it? Most small businesses start of doing their [...]

  • traditional accounting

Is Online Accounting Worth It?


By now you have probably heard of online accounting or cloud accounting and how it can benefit your business, but exactly how much does it cost to use and is it even worth it at [...]

  • expenses book

Expenses: What You Can’t Put on the Business


Expenses are a main part of running a business and there are plenty of allowances you can claim on your business to help reduce your tax bill. With expenses it’s important to understand what can [...]

  • euros

The Effect of Brexit on Tax


The recent vote from Britain to leave the EU this has caused shock waves all over the financial markets. The pound dropped to its lowest in 31 years and the FTSE 250 saw massive losses. [...]